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  • Encourage real social connections among your users.
  • Get paid when your users buy listings.

Zenlist is the ad network for classifieds

Instead of pushing third-party products and services with traditional banner and text ads, you can publish relevant, social Zenlistings™ from real people. Your visitors can reply to listings, connect and share with others, and post their own listings.

Increase website revenue

When your visitors buy listing upgrades, we share revenue with you 50/50. Now we're talking real revenue, not just a few cents per click.

Boost engagement

Classified listings are the “original” social, user-generated content. With Zenlist, you give your visitors a great new way to connect and transact with others with shared interests.

Attract more visitors

Because your Zenlistings are indexed on search engines, you can increase traffic to your website when people search.

Fits like a glove

Customize Zenlistings to match your site's branding and look. You have full control.

Quick, painless integration

Adding Zenlistings to your website is as simple as copying/pasting a few lines of code. You can choose to host a stand-alone classifieds section or embed banner-sized widgets that easily run alongside other advertising. And it's free.

“Re-democratizing” classifieds

Once upon a time, classifieds were found everywhere—in newspapers and magazines, on light-posts and in Laundromats. Then came the internet, a guy named Craig, and a big auction site—and everything quickly centralized to a few big players.

Zenlist is turning the tables. Now anyone can provide an effective online classifieds system for their community.

Build traffic, increase engagement, and generate revenue with relevant, social Zenlistings.

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